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Sex, Diseases, and Uncertainty!

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to judge, it's meant to spread awareness of the subject.I was sitting here reading my devotional and minding my own business, when a thought hit me! "If people know that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD(s)) are running rampant, why would they engage in intercourse without any protection?" Let me just throw this in: BIRTH CONTROL OR "THE PILL" IS NOT A FORM OF PROTECTION!! I will not say that again, so please remember.Ladies will give a paternity test to 15 guys on Maury, and sadly none of them will be the father. Not only did she have to "sleep" with these guys, but it was also unprotected. Condoms won't guarantee 100% that one won't contract an STD, nor will it guarantee 100% that one won't get pregnant, but it's still smart to use one if you absolutely must engage in sex. If you are in a lab, why wouldn't you wear goggles and gloves? That's like sex without a condom... EXTREMELY dangerous!…

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