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So, long time no blog. I know, I've been super busy losing myself. Yep, for a moment I lost myself (okay, it was longer than a moment). I was convinced that my life was only valid, because I was doing things for others, and I natural "pushover" status that wouldn't allow me to say no, because I put myself in the shoes of others and realized that their needs were "more important" than mine. I'm not speaking of one individual, I am speaking about a collection of individuals that I have met over the years. I felt like I had to go above and beyond for people to keep their interest, but that is a HUGE lie. My personality alone can speak for me. But that part of my personality made me allow people to take advantage of me. A lot of people may not know this, but I like to help people. It's sort of my Calling, if you will. If someone needs help, I do it usually without much complaint. I usually will begin to vent to my mama when I'm beginning to feel ta…

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