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Retail Store Hacks: Returns

Retail, the job that the majority loves to hate and hates to love. Well... Not I! I'm among the minority that actually loves my retail job! It's usually smooth sailing. I like to think that I am a consumer with an inside scoop. Over the next few days (or weeks.. I'm a busy gal!), I will be sharing a few life hacks that will make your retail experience-- a breeze! Today's focus is... Returning! 1. Read the return policy on the receipt!
2. Have your original receipt, original form of payment, and unworn/unused item with tag on it ready for the cashier.
3. If you did not pay with cash, and you do not have your original form of payment, EXPECT to receive store credit.
4. READ the return policy on the receipt!
5. If you do not have your original receipt, EXPECT to receive store credit for the current or lowest price.
6. Know that if you return a worn item, you are committing RETURN FRAUD, and you are the reason that prices keep on rising! Businesses have to make up for thei…

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