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You're Worth It!: Equality of the Standards

Some people have these high expectations for others, but they're not willing to comply with their own or the expectations of others. How does one think that's okay? In the world today, there are too many followers of the double standard!The double standard isn't necessarily solely in romantic relationships. They often happen in platonic or business relationships as well. I want to give you a couple of accounts for when it happened to me, and how I dealt with each accordingly.Mr. ExpectionSo Mr. Expectation aka my ex-boyfriend, always expected me to communicate with him. Now that's my fault because I didn't initially set any boundaries in our relationship. HUGE MISTAKE! If you don't set any boundaries in the beginning, it is very hard to change things when you just start ordering around your expectations. Be clear and concise. Anyway, I hated having to make all of the moves in the relationship. Initiating calls, texts, and even scheduling when to hangout or go o…

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