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So Sheep Media: Challenges and Trends

So there's this challenge out here "What you'll do for the "d" or the "p"?" Of course they didn't use the abbreviated forms, but nevertheless I refuse use such terms on my blog. People have been sharing them, and teheheing all week, but boom! A group of HS girls, clearly in the hallway at school, make one and it's a problem. Let's not hold a double standard due to age! Y'all shouldn't be grown and posting this stuff either. Who cares what you'll do for sex, and half of the stuff y'all are saying y'all will do is illegal anyway! People just do whatever the next challenge tells them to do, no questions asked. Stop being a Daggum sheep. Monkey see, monkey do should've stopped in Middle School. Who thinks for themselves anymore? And how can you be appalled, because you're doing the same thing. Let me not forget to mention that this "beard game", from what I've heard is like another dating site. And…

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