Don't fit in...

Dear Reader,

I came to knock down a few untruths about the Black Community, and show you how I personally don't fit into any of them.

Every Black person is ghetto.
First of all, ghetto is an area, a shanty town if you will. A place where the Jewish (and others) were housed before they were transferred to Concentration Camps. It is a slum full of disease and filth. So if you refer to someone as ghetto, they have every right to be angry. I've never lived anywhere remotely like that, and I and lots of others are not loud, angry, rebellious, or any other negative thing.

Every Black person is lazy.
I work, blog, make YouTube videos, hangout with friends occasionally, and so much more. Does that sound like a lazy person to you? Heck nope! I went without a job for 26 days, and I almost lost it. I cannot handle not doing anything. I always have to be doing something, and I always have to have a job. Once, I was a full time student with a Work Study, and 2 part time jobs. All of the supporting cast of the Bitty Show have jobs, hobbies, internships, volunteering, etc. Frankly, I don't dwell with the busy-impaired.

Every Black woman has several baby daddies.
I do not have a baby daddy. I'm 24, and ain't nobody got time for kids without a husband. There are women with several children and 1 baby daddy (I really hate that phrase), or just 1 child. Yeah, there are some that are in this category, but I, a mother of none would much rather not be stereotyped with these sisters.

Stereotypes are ugly labels, brands if you will that just make a whole group of persons one thing. Let me tell you something, we as humans are different. And that's the way God made us. And I am not referring to skin color. I'm referring to all other characteristics of each other. A stereotype that has been floating around lately is: All White people are racist. and Black people can't be racist. Both are lies! Nobody wants to be stereotyped, so stop it! You do not know all about someone based off of their skin color, hobbies, religion, sexual orientation, etc. You just don't. You have to get to know people.

I am an educated, proud, beautiful black woman with natural hair, and I am so different, it's hard to place me in a category or stereotype. It's the truth. My friends (of all races, genders, etc.) can tell you. This doesn't make me better than anyone else, it just makes me, well... me! I'm different, and I love it! #selflove


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