Love Struck or Nah? (Just Blog About It)

My heart is pounding, and I have these teeny tiny butterflies just fluttering around in my tummy. What is wrong with me? It's like I'm in love, but I'm not. Eww! Love is kinda the last flavor I want to sample right now! Nothing against you Love, but I am on a hiatus! If so, who? How? Why? What?!? I'm not seeing anyone or anything like that. This can't be happening to me. Look at me. Freaking out before I even get the prognosis. Typical Woman. We just trip over nothing, but usually it isn't nothing! It's always something, but in this case.... Child, I don't know. Let me go to bed, and do this all over again. Til after my 8 hour Power Nap... yep, I said Power Nap. Nap so powerful, you will be out cold for 8+ hours. Yep, but anyway... I'm out!

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