LuluChris58 is on FLEEK! Yaassss Honey!!

I would describe LuluChris58's style as Dope Chic! This lady's threads are always on POINT! When I say nobody dresses like her, I mean nobody! That is a huge compliment in the Fashion World! And child, don't get me started on her hair!! #FIERCE Blue and Grey to Shaved Sides to Natural Curly, she is always on FLEEK! And that face is always beat! I love her so much, and I'm so happy to call her my friend! Check out some this Fleekiness this DIY Queen is workin' with!! You are about to get your LIFE!!

Child, I know you just got your life, because I always do!! If you just can't get enough of her style! Follow her at:

LuluChris58 (Blog)
LuluChris58 Personal Blog (Facebook)


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