The Road to Overcoming Trypophobia

Before I watched this episode of The Real, I definitely didn't know Trypophobia existed. What is trypophobia? I'm glad you asked.

Trypophobia is the pathological fear of objects with circular patterns, such as beehives, anthills, spider eyes, etc. I will not include a photo, because I definitely hate when people try to force things on me. You're welcome.

I always freaked out seeing anything like this, because I didn't like the way it made my skin crawl. I would start itching all over. Recently, my younger brother told me that he also didn't like that. I thought it was cool, because my parents and siblings usually don't understand my pain... at least I don't think they do. Anyway, I was watching this clip of The Real on YouTube, and I said to myself, "This stops now!" I paused the clip, and I immediately started researching more it and its cures. I decided to dive in head first on this one, and expose myself to photos under "Trypophobia" on google. I started to itch, sweat, and the more I looked, I could just feel myself tearing up. Eventually, all of that went away, because I continued. I'm happy to say that I've definitely improved. I'm not going to say that I'm fully over it, but I'll work to get over it fully.

Me vs. Trypophobia... I definitely won this battle. I've got this war in the bag too.

By the way, I am no psychology expert. I'm simply a being trying to make it in this phobia world.

Shout out to the ladies of The Real for exposing me to my own fear!!



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