Mister vs. Randoms

I am so happy in my Singleness! Being solo means independence, freedom, more time, and more money! Haha! I couldn't be happier on my self-love, discovery journey. But then today hit. It's Thanksgiving! Which means family, love, couples, etc. I'm so glad I don't have any randoms! Randoms ARE guys who randomly hit you up or you hit up out of boredom and that's their sole purpose. Anyway... I'm glad I didn't have any randoms today. I was bored and I felt lonely. I started to second guess myself, but then it hit me! I'm not settling! You know how ridiculous settling is? It's like settling for a biscuit when you can just wait, and have a full breakfast. Grits, eggs, bacon, etc. Settling because you're lonely or because you can't be alone is wack! I'd rather not be miserable for the rest of my life. Taking a step back, now. My Mister, if he even exists, is worth more than those randoms.
Stay encouraged and away from those randoms! Either way, to God be the Glory!
B. Ieisha ❤❤❤

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