Value Your Worth

YOU ARE WORTH IT! No matter what you think or say, you're worth it! There will be those who won't see your worth-- loved ones! You can't allow that to dictate your worth. Believe it or not, but only you have the power to decide your worth. What others say about you or even think about you doesn't matter. The same goes for HAPPINESS... Let that sink. Why do we seek happiness, self worth, and validation within people, when we can just find all of those within ourselves? I'm not sure. Its quite sad though. I have had moments when I would put myself down in order to get a compliment. Sadly, I actually believed some of the words that were coming out of my mouth. No one should feel like that... EVER! I tell you, I've overcome some stuff! But enough about me, this is about you love! You don't have to do it alone. Get you an accountability partner, and definitely give it to God. That's how I got to where I am right now. There is hope. Don't give up and definitely don't allow that homie dictate your worth. If they are cutting you down rather than building you up.... Say, "Bye, bye Big Homie!" STOP! Before you tell Big Homie to kick rocks, make sure you know the difference between someone telling you something out of love in firm way and someone just being hateful. I know a lot of times, we don't wanna hear the truth. I'm out y'all!

Stay Happy and Encouraged!
B. Ieisha ❤

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