Don't Doubt the Silver Lining

I brought in 2015 with a boyfriend, lots of friends, a high paying job, reliable transportation, and yet something was missing. My relationship with God was on the back burner. I had all of this stuff, yet I felt empty. I have none of these things now. True colors were shown, hard times occurred, I was fired for the first time in life, and I was forced to quit a job due to lack of reliable transportation.  It's okay though! My relationship with God has gotten a lot better, it isn't perfect or anything. I now have a job that I completely love, a few close friends (only 2 that I talk to everyday), and the transportation thing could be better, but I still manage to get back and forth to work. Life isn't close to perfect, but I'm thankful for life and the little things. I don't know who will read this, but I hope my post gives someone at least an inkling of hope. I hope y'all have a great rest of the year, and a prosperous lifetime. Another thing, you can't do it all yourself. Find something, someone, higher power, etc. in which to seek help. You're not alone.

Keep your head up! You will see the end of the tunnel. Stay encouraged!

B. Ieisha

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