Pretty Tricky

Life is pretty tricky! You think you know but you really don't, and when you do know, you don't believe it. If you got it wrong in the past, chances are you'll start to doubt and/or take extra precaution before making the same mistake. The sad thing is, that previous approach may come in handy at a different time. For example, I used to tell guys that I liked them, and they'd give me the "You're like a sister to me" speech. How humiliating! For the longest, I'd just like a guy in silence (aka only tell my best friend.) I was tired of being "family zoned". The friend zone has an emergency exit, the family zone is a padded room without windows or doors. You're there for life! LOL!! Anyway, I eventually got really close to this one guy (my last boyfriend), and told him that I liked him, and of course I expected an all expense paid permanent vacation to the family/friend zone. That wasn't the case, he said he liked me too. If I hadn't taken that chance, we would've never dated. I learned so much about myself during this relationship to say the least. I don't regret that moment in time. Would I take a chance like that now? Heck no. I hate rejection. I'll just suffer in silence until the guy comes forward. Sad, but true. This is hypothetical, I'm not calling anyone out. No palm trees in the making LOL! This is just my experience and view, I am in no way giving advice. I really appreciate those of you who have supported me through everything I tried this year! I love y'all!!! 

Stay Beautiful! Stay Genuin! Stay Optimistic, because pessimism is an endless downward spiral.
B. Ieisha

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