Can't Get Enough?

When enough is enough, enough is enough! What happens when God has had enough, but we continue to keep on keepin' on? The madness will eventually stop, one way or the other. I know, because I've been there. He tried to get my attention, but I just wouldn't listen. I made jobs, boyfriends, friendships, and even college idols. So you know what happened?
I was fired from my job. I was dumped by my boyfriend. I was a terrible, so I was left friendless. College became too expensive, and Financial Aid was tapped out. I began to go to church more, because I had nothing else to do. I know, that's a terrible reason to attend church, but hey no secrets here. But I still didn't learn. I just kept on sleeping through church, making excuses putting more jobs ahead of God, etc. Some nights, I left my god (the job) and had to walk all the way home. Sometimes in the rain and mostly at night. I eventually left that job! I couldn't I got involved with this long-distance guy, and guess what? You got it! He was absolutely no good for me. Thank God he was far away! I eventually cut him off, cold turkey. I deleted him on facebook, erased his number, deleted his friends, etc. Bruh, I wasn't playing games! He had to go!

Now, I am currently searching for a job, and un-searching for a guy lol. Okay, okay. I know that word doesn't exist, but I am embracing my singleness. I'm only 24 years old, no need to rush. I enjoy my alone time and the time I spend with family and my pinch of friends. Love yourself and others, and stay beautiful!
All Glory to God!
B. Ieisha

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