From the Other Side: Michael Scott

A jack of many trades, but a master of ART!

Let's take a look from the Other Side...

Since childhood, Michael has been a creative type, partaking in drawing and various other types of art. In 2006, at the age of 13, he became more fascinated with drawing, so he began practicing more and more. After about a year of drawing solely with pencils, now that his skills have improved tremendously, Michael decided to incorporate color through the use of color pencils, and markers.

'Til this very day, he still uses such mediums as color pencils and markers, and has never regretted that initial decision to incorporate them. "The colors.. looked great, so I continued to mix them with my drawings."

"My favorite thing to draw is the human figure, preferably women. Finding the human figure beautifully designed, I find it very challenging to draw and master, which brings me great satisfaction when I complete a drawing of it. I also greatly enjoy drawing letters. I'm able to draw many different styles of letters."

Michael is a fantastic artist! I have had the pleasure of having him create my logo. I am so pleased with his progress. Definitely check your boy out on Instagram @mastyle25. Feel free to shoot him a DM. He's awesome, so he won't bite.

Stay Busy! Stay Beautiful! Do what you Love!


B. Ieisha

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