Day 6: Top 5 Tea Loves

I love tea! Not SWEET TEA! I'm a Southern Belle, but I sure do love my hot, unsweet tea, although I do add a little honey from time to time.
Tea is a must for anytime of the year, but especially for my favorite season, Fall/Autumn. It's also an awesome alternative (or companion) to coffee. It has many health benefits, such as, detoxification, stress relief, etc. Thanks to my International friends, I have had the pleasure of trying so many different teas. I would like to share my top 5 Tea Loves with y'all. Maybe y'all will share my love for tea, if you haven't already.
1. Earl Grey
2. Zen
3. Chamomile with Lavender
4. Dandelion Leaf and Root
5. Raspberry Zinger
If you have any good tea recommendations, please oh please tell me in the comments.
Stay healthy. Stay calm. And love your beautiful self!
B. Ieisha

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