Chins Up!

My current weight as of 9/12/2016. Btw, excuse my ashy feet!

I have been overweight since I was 8. I've already mentioned that in an earlier post, so you can read all about that. I am turning over a new leaf, and I'm being very transparent about my life, because quite frankly, I have nothing to hide! I mean nothing. I want everyone to see inside my life-- the ups and the downs and the in between. I no longer care about the judgment of others. If you want to judge me, speak terribly of me, or anything with malicious intent, I don't care. Do what you must!

Anyway, I have never been completely honest with anyone about my weight, because being fat is shameful, and you go to Hell for it! No way, I'm totally joking about it being shameful and the Hell part LOL! Sadly, that's exactly how some people treat those who carry extra weight with them. It's like leprosy or something. I guess I need to start declaring that I'm fat when I walk in a room, so people can put their gas masks on. Okay! Okay! I'm SUPER EXTRA for this, but it's okay. I love to laugh and find humor in things.

My weight is not causing me not to love myself. Let's get that straight. I love me so Brittany! I am working to lose weight, because the weight is emotional baggage that I have carried for almost 17 years. I need set myself free from this. I am to fantastic to allow one area in my life to hold me down when the rest of me is free!! I am not saying that having extra weight is emotional baggage for everyone else who carries extra weight. I am saying this for me, because it's a fact of my life. Don't go writing theories based on what I'm saying, because I will go ahead and tell you that this is not a credible source for a paper.

I stepped on the scale, and I gained all the weight that I lost back.  This will not break me though. I'll be 25 next week, so in honor of this Blessed Occassion, I'm going to set a goal for myself. My goal is to lose 75 lbs by September 2017. Trust me, I can stand to lose 75 lbs. I'm so excited for this change. Thanks love muffins!

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! Stay Beautiful!

B. Ieisha

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