FFW: Insta Military Baddie

The beautiful Courtney is back at it again! I told y'all that you'd see her again this week! She is rocking this super 'dorbs Military Chic ensemble.

Fall Trends found here:
1. Grunge Style Combat Boots
2. Distressed Camo Jacket
3. Graphic Tees/Tanks- The Black Thug Motivator tee, (click name to purchase tee).
4. Overalls

"Adding my dad hat and highlight for the gawdss I came up with this Insta Military Baddie look!"
-Courtney via LuluChris58

Citadel Dad Hat:  $0.25 cents Legacy Athletics Haven of Rest Thrift Store

Authentic Camo Jacket: US Army $2.00 Haven of Rest Thrift Store

Overalls: Mossimo denim $25.00 Target

Sue Hamm Thug Motivator Tee: $20.00 SueHammBaby

Dr. Marten Style patent leather combat boots: 5.99 Mossimo Goodwill

"Unfortunately I couldn't replicate this boot for less than 50.00. I did find the exact pair on eBay and poshmark but those are one size only. But Target sells similar ones in the Gia style for 44.99."
-Courtney via LuluChris58

Last time, I forgot to include the hair that was used, but it was also used in this one, so no biggie. Cortney is definitely the queen of hair! She always has the cutest hairstyles (and outfits). She also does hair reviews on her blog.

Butterfly Eco D Wig Masterpiece hair. "I got this wig for free from my local beauty supply store but I have yet to find a link to buy this wig any where."
-Courtney via LuluChris58

I just want to Thank Courtney so much for being an awesome trend setter, and gracing my blog with her presence!!

Be sure to also check her out on YouTube. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE.

Remember: "In life, be a setter rather than a chaser."
-B. Ieisha

Be Proactive. Be Fabulous. Be true to YOU.

B. Ieisha

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