How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Hey you! Yes... YOU! I see you looking at him. Honey, he is adorbs! Why don't you date him? What's that? You're scared? Trust me love, I know the feeling. With my luck, he'd be like, "Eww sis, I don't see you that way!" The best thing is, you don't have my luck, you've got your own! Thank God for that! Anyway, I may have the solution to your problem.

Tell him exactly how you feel in plain words. No hints please! Just do it boo! What do you have to lose? If he responds negatively, his loss! Don't sweat it! There are tons of other cuties like him around. Now, if he responds positively yay you!! Either way it goes, you will feel relieved that you are no longer holding that secret in. Phew!

Please make sure that Mr. Cutie isn't Married, Dating, or Engaged to someone else before confessing your heart to him. And make sure you aren't either.. My advice isn't for the trifling.. No joke!

Stay positive! Stay confident! Stay Faithful!

B. Ieisha

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