#SelfLove #SelfWorth

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Yes, that means you. You don't know how much you are worth. According to Proverbs 31:10, a noble wife is worth far more than rubies. You are worth more than that too. Don't seek for that worth from your friends, family, and definitely not in significant others. The approval of others will fail you everytime. People will tempt you and tell you to do things or else, but honey you are better than that. Do not degrade yourself, because you are priceless. Worth more than anything any person can purchase. Find yourself and know your worth, because if you don't.. Others will. Speaking from experience, that isn't fun. Having everyone describe you, but you're fighting to say, "That's not me!" They disagree and continue to place labels, and you feel helpless because you have no idea yourself. You sit there lost and confused with no one to talk to. Seek God! He will help guide you to the truth about your worth. You are worth more than your body. You are worth more than sexting. You are worth more than being beaten. You are worth more than cutting. You are worth more than a college education! You are fabulous! You are smart! You are wonderful! You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Don't take my word for it. Just look at yourself. Don't allow society and history to define your definition of beauty. Love yourself and know, (don't think) that you are worth it!

B. Ieisha

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