Sit Down!

O, doer of dark things.
How dare you?
You talk that talk of lightness,
But you walk in pure darkness.
Who are you fooling?
Not us, because we all know,
Know what you do in the dark.

O, hypocritical one.
Your double standard is blatant.
I don't understand why
You feel you have to put on.
Everytime you preach to me,
I smell the stench of sin
On your person, and it reeks.

Why do these evil acts
If you deem them to be bad?
Instead you should preach
All the things you practice.
At least it would be honest.
You may be kicked down a few,
But honey that's what you need.

You cannot tell the truth
Even if you really tried.
Only a soulless person
Could do what you do,
And sleep at night.

O, soulless one, please sit down.
I will not repeat myself.
Do us all a favor.
The only one being deceived is
You and only you.
Your lies have become your life.
Just go on, and have a seat!

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