The Fine Line: #OOTD

Lips: Vamp (AVON)

I'm a tomboy from way back, but I have been in touch with my feminine side for a couple of years now. I am located on that fine line between tomboy and girly girl. I no longer think that being girly is gross lol! My guilty pleasure: Guy's clothes. I sometimes like to feminize my manly garments, either by cutting and redesigning or placing them with the correct accessories.

In this case, my spotlight item is this long-sleeved stripe henley that I purchased for $5 at the Safe Harbor Resale Store. I love my thrift store finds! Anyway... It is paired with a studded, denim button down top, a sateen black mini skirt, a burgundy floral head scarf, pink and silver glitter Vans, and a gold Eiffel Tower and floral locket necklace.

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to be fabulous! Thrift stores can give you a unique style, and when the copy cats ask you where you got it, you can smile and say, "The thrift store."

Stay Fabulous! Stay Confident! Be original!

B. Ieisha

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