7 Ways to Feel Great About Yourself

1. Acceptance
Accept that you aren't perfect. We all have flaws and things that we'd want to change about ourselves, but we can't allow that to keep us from loving ourselves.

2. Affirmations
Whether you're saying them in the mirror or you're filling a jar with them, affirmations are the way to go. It's a little reminder to yourself that you are loved and appreciated by that person in the mirror.

3. Date Night
Those self-love dates are the absolute best! You are looking great, smelling great, and you can be as thrifty or as expensive as you want. Sitting there in your own company is so refreshing! The only one you'll be impressing is yourself.

4. Presents!
Treat yourself to a nice gift! It could be flowers, candy, a day at the spa, etc. Realize that you deserve a present sometimes. Don't be shy, splurge on yourself! You're definitely worth it! Be selfful!

5. Spread the Love!
Spend time with those that don't feel so lovely about themself. Be that ray of Sunshine in their life that shows them down.

6. Makeover
If you look good, ya feel good!

7. Random Dance Party
Dancing gives you that pep that you've been looking for, plus it's a great way to exercise without actually knowing thst you're exercising.


B. Ieisha

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