Healthy Journey: 9.30.16 Weigh-in et al

On September 9, I had totally lost hope! I was so disgusted with how things were going. I was revamping my blog, but nothing seemed to go right! I was so angry! I just gave into negativity, which is very rare for me! I usually try to be extremely positive even in the worst cases, but not that day. I cried myself to sleep thinking that all hope was lost, and I was just going to sit here and accept being jobless and broke. The next morning, I awakened feeling awful. I logged into Facebook, and people were being beautiful and positive on my negative post. It made my heart happy, so I just took that energy and ran with it! I completed a 5-day #NoSugarNoBreadChallenge, and I lost 4 lbs that week. That's when I decided to be completely shameless about my weight, and I posted a blog disclosing my full weight with a picture. I was so afraid, but no one judged me. They were super supportive, and telling me that I'm brave for being so transparent. I'm glad that I did it!

Food Choices
My food choices this week weren't the best. I am going to make an effort to do better this week. I ate a lot of eggs, chicken, and salad this week. I also ate ramen, but with veggies and meat added. Once you customize ramen, you don't go back. I can't say I ate too terribly, but my sleep schedule is so off that I stay up super late, and I often eat late. If I woke up early, and ate a hearty breakfast, I think I'd be good to go. Next week, I will literally write down every meal. I was supposed to do that this week, but I was slack. Forgive me.

I'm going to challenge myself to The No Junk Food Challenge, it's 21 days long. I want to challenge myself! I am starting today, 10.2.16. I will update you on my progress Every Sunday up until that point. I will do a small video each day, and make a vlog video and post it by 10.25.16.

*As a bonus to this challenge, I will drink mostly water this week, I will exercise at least 5 days, and I will try to fix this horrible sleep pattern.*

My Current Weight

My First Live Weigh-in

My first weight loss blog

I found both of these videos on YouTube.

I'll also be throwing in some Sweatin' to the Oldies with the wonderful Richard Simmons this week. I got the complete collection a few years ago on amazon for $15.00, it's a little more expensive now. There are other alternatives... you can go to your local library, and see if they have it. I know my local library does, but I think they are all VHS. Or you can tune in on YouTube. Most of them if not all are on YouTube. I'll post my favorite one below. They are so much fun, you don't even realize that you're exercising.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint! Take your time, and have fun while doing it! I love y'all so much!! Thank you so much for your support!

1. I will be doing a live weigh-in videos every Friday on my Facebook Page: Beauty Diversified.
2. My blog post will be up by Saturday evening.

3. My updates on my challenge will commence next Sunday, 10.9.16.

Stay Healthy! Stay Motivated! And always remember, a healthier lifestyle is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

B. Ieisha 

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