I Refuse!

I refuse to be in a situationship! A situationship? What's that? Have you ever heard of friends with benefits? It's something like that, but a friends with benefits situation is usally understood. A situationship is being like a couple and what couples do without the commitment and/or title of a romantic relationship.

Anoter element to situationships are that, because you aren't dating, you can't get mad when he/she sees other people. Most of the time, they expect you to stay loyal to them, but they can't do the same. There a lot of mixed feelings and you're unsure if it's something or not. Here's a great illustration of a situationship...

Why this would never work for me
I don't play that! Either you're in a relationship with me or you're not. There is no in between. How my emotions are set up, if I were to partake in such foolishness, I would be so hurt. I can't stand for my emotions to be toyed with. I do not have time for that!! You are not just gonna waltz in, start kissing or cuddling with me, and not be willing to commit. You can kick rocks!

Stop wasting people's time and toying with their emotions when you know you don't want a commitment. That person will eventually get tired, and leave you high and dry.

Be committed or be nothing at all!

B. Ieisha

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