Suicide Isn't a Joke! #ShamelessSunday

I am so freaking done! I just saw a video where a girl is using tissue as a rope to "commit suicide". It is supposed to be a satirical sketch, but I don't find suicide funny in any way! That pisses me off to the nth degree!! What the heck is funny about someone committing suicide??? NOTHING!! Here's my story...
When I was in high school, I had this friend... We'll call her Alice. Alice was dating Rick who was beating her. I'm still not sure why she confided in me, but she did. She showed me her bruises, and told me all about the beatings. I had so many emotions, but mostly anger. I can't watch movies where abuse occurs, because I get really angry. Anyway, I told her that she should tell someone. She said that it didn't matter, because she was going to end her life. I got really scared, and I begged and pleaded her not to do it! Her mind was already made up. She made me promise not to tell anyone, and I agreed. I couldn't keep an eye on her, because she went to our rival school, and I only saw her at the Career Center during our Ag. Class.
I wanted badly to tell someone, but I was definitely one to keep my mouth shut. I had gotten in trouble before, because of my mouth, so... I decided against it. I couldn't focus in class or sleep that night. I was so afraid!! All I could do was cry and pray.
The next morning Alice was in class. I ran over to her and hugged her!! She was so young, so beautiful, and had so much to live for!! She told me that she was going to end it during lunch in the bathroom the day before, but her cousins grabbed her and made her eat lunch with them. I immediately thanked God, and hugged her again.
She is still alive today, Thank You Jesus!! If she would've committed suicide that day, I don't know where I'd be!
Please report Suicidal tendencies! I don't care how mad they may be at you, but you can save their life! If you are struggling or know anyone with suicidal thoughts head over to Suicide Prevention or click here.
Suicide is not to be joked about loves! I love you all and continue to love yourself and those around you.
Stay beautiful!
B. Ieisha 

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