The Infertile Hurdle #ShamelessSunday

I haven't always been a shameless person, but I have come to realize that it isn't so bad just truly being absolutely transparent with people.

This is a story of a woman who thought she was infertile... This is my story.

My Senior year in college was a very rough time for me. I was failing half of my subjects, I was depressed, and I had just found out that I wasn't graduating in May 2014. My menstrual cycle had been absent for almost a full year. (Note: I've always had an irregular menstrual cycle.) Pregnancy was definitely not an option, because you can't get pregnant without sex. And I didn't really get in the pool all that much. I had gone to a doctor, and said I was fine. I was really worried! I started looking on google for answers.... FAIL!

Advice: Never ask google about a symptom, because it will give you a list of things it could be. Sadly, you will choose the one that puts you closest to death. In this case, I thought I had gone through a premature menopause. I thought my eggs were dust--just gone forever!

I would cry and cry and pray and cry again, and ask God what I did to deserve this! I was a wreck! I was scared that no man would marry me, because I couldn't give him children. I was totally buggin'!

One day out of the blue, Aunt Flow came to visit! I have never been happier... Okay... Maybe I have, but you get the picture. I have never complained about my cycle ever since! That was a dark, very scary time in my life, but I don't regret. I love that I get to share this moment with my love muffins!

Stay off of medical sights! You will think you are a ghost reading about how you died. Yep, I weird. Nope, I'm not ashamed.

B. Ieisha

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