What's The Word? #ShamelessSunday

Today's Message was brought forth by, 
Pastor T. Johnson.

October 16, 2016
Scripture: Genesis 3

Under the Influence
  • Being under the influence has the ability to alter your outcome.
  • Those who influence usually come after the weak.
  • Every snake won't come to you and announce themselves; they will come off as sweet and cunning just like the serpent did.
  • Be careful of those who come with a list of qualifications because you should be able to already see what they are without them proclaiming it.
  • Deception will mess you up! Satan will use people to do you deceive just to twist your perception of others (Trust Issues).
  • Some of us have been listening to snakes to long, because we don't know what to think anymore.
  • We try to live above our means (i.e. buying a car during tax season that you know you cannot afford), because we are under the influence of other people's opinions.
  • The devil will try to show you what you are missing, just as the serpent told Eve that she was missing out on the fruit of the forbidden tree. "You won't die!" he said. "You will be like gods!" he said!  LITERALLY LIES OF THE DEVIL!!
  • It's okay to never experience some things, because some things will have you so messed up that you don't know if you're coming or going.
  • Remember, the devil also has a plan for you! He doesn't care about you. He's just trying to make sure that you don't worship God.
  • Adam was with Eve when the serpent tempted her. (verse 6)
  • Plot Twist! Satan isn't always out to get you, he sometimes uses you to get to someone close to you. Be aware of those who are always asking questions about a certain person.
  • You can lose everything you have being under the influence.
We really have to be careful, and listen to that initial voice in your head, feeling, etc. "Your discernment is stronger than you think!"

Stay Alert! Listen to your instincts! Stay prayed up! The devil is busy, and he will use anyone just to get to you (children, friends, boyfriends, parents, etc.) Be blessed!

B. Ieisha

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