We'll Never Say, "I Do"!

"I now prounounce you husband and wi-" GET A GRIP! So you met this awesome guy last week in Chapel, and you just know he's the one. Yep, you said that last week... I know... This one is different! I see that you've made a Pinterest board for his and your wedding. The only problem is that he doesn't show much interest in you. You don't realize it, but this relationship is one-sided!

I was watching Heather Lindsey's newest video: "What does it mean to be a godly woman?", and of course the question of whether or not a woman should pursue a man popped up. My response, "The Devil is a liar!" If I'm not being chased, I refuse to be the one chasing! That got me nowhere earlier in life! Anyway... Then Heather got into how us ladies (includes most females I know) are notorious for planning our lives with our crushes, and then we are hurt to the core when he shows up out of the blue with a girlfriend. Guilty! Been there, done that, and trust me honey, it ain't fun.

As Heather said on her video, if a guy likes you, he will most definitely let you know. It won't be subtle either. He will let it be known suga! No sense in wasting your time on something that is unclear. That would be insane, but it's difficult. I know from experience. You cannot force a man to like you, let alone marry you. I hate to be so harsh, but y'all might need a reality check! Now, if you just met him, give it a little time, but if you've known him for a while and it's clear that you like him, and he hasn't budged, drop that situation! Work on becoming a better person, and learn how to wait on God's timing. Ol' boy might be blocking your view from your real future. Think about it. Just be patient ladies. I know a lot of us want to get married, but patience and timing are everything. Learn to be gentle, how to have a strong prayer life, how to cook, etc. before "Mr. Right" is revealed, not for preparing yourself for a husband, but for survival in this world.

Be patient! Be strong! Be beautiful for yourself!

B. Ieisha 💜💋💄💒

P. S.: Joe from ChaseGodTV just uploaded a video that sorta goes with this. Enjoy!

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