Ramblings of a 25 Year Old Introvert

How in the world am I 25 years old and I have absolutely no life? Let me stop and clarify. I have a life. Thank God for the fresh air that is circulating through my circulatory system, and all of my other systems for working properly. I just don't make time for a social life. I long for companionship, but I have also gotten extremely awkward around people, and the thought of trying on outfits to hangout with people stresses me out to the point that I just don't. Let me be clear on my definition companionship, I mean it in the most platonic way. I am not rushing on ROMANCE. I know that there are good men out there, but I am not ready for any of that at the moment. Thanks for letting me ramble lol!
Anyway, I am young and single, so I should be experiencing some things... Right?? I guess not yet.. Apparently. I can talk to my niece and my tutees with no problem. Kids are easy to talk to. Adults make me nervous, which makes me stutter when talking to most, and I don't even have a stutter. It's almost like I'm a big kid. (Not too big, because most kids are taller lol.) Why is my life so weird? Why am I afraid of Adulting? I feel like Dorothy from The Wiz. "If I dare to take the chance, would someone lead me?"
My ramblings have ceased for now. Until next time...
Be Beautiful. Be wise. Be courageous.
B. Ieisha

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