Exchange Bitterness for Better-ness!

Hey Love Muffins! Welcome to my first post of 2017! It's been awhile since our last hang. I pray you all are doing well! I am too, thanks for caring! Moving onward.

Last week, I was on Facebook looking through my "On this Day" section, and I saw a post where my old boyfriend (I'm going to stop using the term "ex".) had commented. And the feeling of just complete and utter bitterness swept over me. I was shocked, because I seriously thought I was over him. Forcing feelings to go away will not make them go away anymore hurriedly. You may even forget about them, but there will come a time when those unresolved feelings will resurface. That's exactly what happened to me. A word of advice (okay maybe a phrase or 2): BY ALL MEANS, FEEL! You need to experience those emotions: grieve or whatever you need to do (within a legal limit) to get over the negative feelings. It doesn't matter how long it takes either.

There's no need to harbor bitterness in your heart. When I felt like that, I literally had to pray, and ask God to take away those feelings towards him or anyone else I was bitterness toward. When the time is right for Mr. Yes God, I don't want anything from the past to hold me back from fully loving, trusting, and submitting to him. Oh my goodness!! Did I just say submit?? As scary as the action of that word is, I am willing to do so. Definitely with a lot of help from God.

I've already exchanged my bitterness for better-ness!! Look at God! Won't He do it?

Be Better! Be Blessed! Be Obedient!

B. Ieisha

P.S.: If you want a copy of Yesterday's Sermon, drop your email down below. Have a fantastic and super blessed week!

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