I'm NOT sure I Should tell YOU: Confusion and Competition

Life is full of confusion. I'm a very logical and rational thinker, so I need things to be clear and make sense. I just don't like to be confused, EVER. I don't like when words, actions, and facial expressions don't match up. Let me give you an example.

A while ago, I had become infatuated with a very good friend of mine, because we spent a lot of time together. I just new that he felt the same for me, because he was so sweet to me, always hugging me, and saying nice things to me. If you know me, you know that I'm a very affectionate person. My 2 love languages are touch and words of affirmation. In other words, I show love by a hug or a pat on the back and by saying kind things to people. Anyway, I just knew he felt the same, but when I finally worked up the courage to tell him, he didn't feel the same. I was really confused and frustrated, so I went home and cried. I hated the mixed signals that confused!

Maybe that was a bad example, but I believe y'all get the gist. Lol! I have so many examples, not necessarily a romantic interest situation. I have people who say one thing, then they go and contradict themselves. People with double standards confuse me too. How in the world do you think hypocrisy is okay? "Friends" have listened to my plans, and try to beat me to the punch. Friends aren't supposed to compete with each other, unless there's an actual competition. We're supposed to build each other up. Then there's the people that proclaim that they have faith, but will shoot an idea of mine down, because it is "impossible".

I've currently gotten a few projects going, and only the people that are directly involved and my family know about them. I don't like to share things anymore. I don't need competition, naysayers, and fake support. I draw my strength from God, and to be honest that's the only support that I truly need. Although, I do thank those who support my vision, those of you that I have shared it with. You guys are fantastic!!

Be clear with me. If you secretly hate me, don't smile in my face.

Now I love y'all, and if any of my post is confusing, it definitely wasn't intended that way! I wrote majority of this around 1 am.

Love Life! Be amazing! Be clear!!

B. Ieisha

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