Who Am I? Who Are You?

If I could describe how I feel right now, I'd use very vivid metaphors for the depiction. For example, I feel like a swan wearing an ugly duckling costume. I feel like Mulan pretending to be a proper lady, when there is so much adventure waiting for me to conquer it. I feel like I'm downplaying myself, and acting as if I am alright with my time being monopolized by the ungrateful. I am a yes girl who strives to help others, but neglects her own needs. I have hidden the real me so deep that people are often surprised by intelligence level.

What am I? A 25-year-old college dropout. I only had 2 semesters left, but the way Financial Aid is set up, I'd be paying more than I make in a year out of pocket. I see the way people look down on me when I tell them that I didn't quite finish what I started. Am I not worth your time now? My level of intelligence supersedes yours, I'm sure of it. I don't say that to brag! No way! I say that because I know better than to judge someone by a sliver of pulp in their hand or in their pocket.

Who am I? A math-loving, emotional, activist. I say activist, because I have always been down for the cause of helping people through their struggle. No, I don't like recognition. It frustrates me, because it takes attention away from those who need it. I may not be out here picketing, but I'm always doing something to celebrate and enrich human life.

Whoa! Wow! I finally know who I am, and what I'm about. I am a woman, deserving of true love. I am a Christian, who loves people and will never twist scripture for my own selfish benefit. I really do have a ton of love in my heart to share! I give awesome hugs. My heart bleeds when injustice occurs for anyone. No matter if they have blue hair and a purple mustache. I would love to see that for real so I could compliment that guy! It's seriously awesome to be different! Clutch those multicultural pearls, and carry on being you. I know I am.

Be loving. Be different. Be a ray of sunshine!

B. Ieisha

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