You're Worth It: Introduction

The degradation of females has gone on far too long. Sadly, majority of the time it continues, because we females don't put an immediate stop to it. We cannot blame someone unless we show them how to treat us. With that being said, even after boundaries are established, there are still those who will push and push (i.e. f*ck boys). Please know that it is very important to know your worth, because if you don't others will choose for you! You definitely don't want that! Ladies (Gents too), I want to encourage you throughout this series to love yourself and see yourself as worthy of the utmost respect from everyone. See you next time love muffins, when we discuss the importance of having self worth while Online Dating. Stay lovely. Stay beautiful. Always know that you never have to settle, because you are worthy of the best.

Brittany Ieisha

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