Why You Gotta Lie?

Friends. Romans. Country folks. Lend me your eyes. Okay... Just keep reading lol!

I don't understand why guys feel thee need the need to lie about being in a relationship. (I know women do too, but I don't date women so it's needless to say, but I don't want anyone to feel left out.) My Facebook has recently ratted out a "single" fellow who has shown considerable amounts of interest in me. I seriously didn't go looking for him. He was in my "People You May Know" list. I was like "Oh, he has a Facebook!" I clicked on it and scrolled down, and BOOM! GIRLFRIEND. It's so good that I've been turning him down all this time, and not falling for his tricks. Thank you, Jesus!

I don't blog to put people on blast, but to expose situations that have happened in my life to help those in my audience. I never use names unless I'm blogging about someone's business or trade, or shedding a good light on them for any other purpose. I just felt like I should put that out there.

   *Back to our our scheduled program*

I have decided to just stop all communication with him. I don't want anyone in my life who will degrade me and his girlfriend simultaneously or who will degrade anyone in general. Sir, get some self-worth about yourself! Learn to love you, then maybe you'll learn to love and appreciate others properly.

Stay honest. Stay true, and always know you are worth more than being someone's side piece. Also, don't ever allow anyone to make you feel pressured in any situation. You've got a say in your life!


B. Ieisha 💙💋

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