Goodnight, Love!

I am so tired of men, and their lies! I refuse to ever date or fall in love again! I mean what is love anyway? Is it that fluttering feeling that you get in your stomach when you see the boy you like in third grade? Is it that heartthrob that you feel when you see a man for the first time when you step foot on your college campus? Absolutely not! Eros love is absolutely fiction. I refuse to believe that love is meant for me, because of all the things that I have had to endure in the name of Love. It's actually sad, but closing myself off to love helps me keep out all of the hurt. Love comes from within so I have enough love to last me a lifetime what the love of my family, my friends, myself, and most of all God. No need for anything more.

Don't worry, this is not my last blog post ever. I'm just taking a break from speaking on love. I'm going to focus on my health, tutoring, and artistic things. I also will devote my blog more to promoting local businesses, artists, talents, etc. I know that no one really reads my blog, but maybe one day it might get some exposure, and people might get some more business due to my recommendation. This blog is for you. It has always been about sharing my experiences with you so that someone out there could possibly learn from it.

Until we meet again!
Love yourself! Love God! Love Family, but mostly God.
B. Ieisha

P.S.: There are great guys out there, but none for me. And women lie too, but I don't date women so I'm referring to men in general, not all. Thanks to the great husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and best friends that are honest and loving!

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