The Customer is ALWAYS... NOPE!

Working in food service and retail, I've been taught that "The Customer is always right!" Due to tons of interactions with customers, I have found that this is not always the case. To be more accurate, this usually isn't the case. Customers/Consumers are needed to keep businesses from sinking, and I believe the idea of that has made customers believe that they can get away with even the most ridiculous requests. Let me s-p-e-l-l this out in a few examples.

Example 1: Return Fraud
Return fraud can be classified as tag switching, wardrobing (wearing an item and returning it), buying an item for a cheaper price and trying to return it without a tag to get a retail price refund, lifting an item and trying to return it for a refund, etc. You can be prosecuted, have to pay a hefty fine, and you could even serve time in jail.

My Story: I have had customers return worn jeans, old jeans with new jean tags on them, return a worn pageant dress to me, and the transaction always starts with the same lie, "I just took the tags off of it, I didn't wear it." Umm... That's why your jeans smell like Tide, because you didn't wear it... Right... I'm not going to go into much more detail, because I'll get pissed all over again. Whooo!

Example 2: Excessive Returns
Those are customers who've bought a collection of items (usually from online), and they bring back like $300+ worth of returns at one time. No exchanges or re-orders, but return for refund. Returns are like a Debit from the store's profit. For example, if a store has made $5,000 worth of sales in a day, and there are $2,000 worth of returns (God Forbid!), the store only makes $3,000 that day. It should be common sense, but people usually don't think of stuff like that.

Not My Story: I was reading a consumer report for a certain store one day, and there was a customer complaint that really stuck out to me. She was upset at the fact that the company flat out refused to return her $5,000+ worth of merchandise. Why would you think that is okay to accumulate so many items, and return them all at the same time? Who does that? Apparently, a lot of people.

I could go on for days, with examples, but I've got so much to do today. I'm going to leave a few words... Wait. Nope! I have an example that I have to talk about! I would do myself and everyone that has endured this pain a disservice if I don't speak on it!

Example 3: Last Minute Customers
A store or restaurant has been open all day, but you choose to show up last minute to a store (I'm not referring to those who didn't have time due to work, because that happens.), and have the audacity to shop, try on clothes, or eat in after hours. I don't think people realize that the people who work in restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc. are real people who need to go home to their families just like they do.

My Story: I have unfortunately been on the other side of this. I was with some friends, and we went into a restaurant a few minutes before they closed. I suggested that we take the food to go, but they insisted on eating in (I was the only one that has worked in food service). The server was clearly ready to go, but she kind of sweetly coaxed us to leave by asking if we needed our check. They saw her as being rude, but oh baby no! She was just tired and ready to go. She wasn't rude at all, she was very sweet. So we ended up leaving, and that was that. I still feel bad about that, because I knew better.

ATTN: Consumers

Just because you spend a lot of money in a place, it does not give you the right to be nasty with the attendant or any other worker.

Stop saying, "They get paid to do this."! To be honest, if we got paid to deal with all that we deal with, we'd be billionaires and own our own chains.

ATTN: Managers

Be like my managers, back your workers up rather than making them look stupid in front of the customer. When your manager has your back, it really means the world.

ATTN: Associates

I know it isn't always easy to smile when a nasty is in your face, but keep on loves. We are the real MVPs!

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Dream Big, because this isn't where life ends!

B. Ieisha

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