He knows. She knows. We know.

The biggest issue with unhealthy relationships is that usually one or both parties know, but continue to stay in it. First of all, if God isn't in it... Shut it off! I know everyone doesn't believe in my God or any other god for that matter, but still. There has to be some sort of driving force within that keeps you together in a healthy way. I'm not referring to sex, neediness, or booze. Those are terrible driving forces! Anyway, people know that it is unhealthy, yet they continue to stay. "Oh, but I just love him so much!" That's all fine and dandy, but I feel like real love starts within. You relieving yourself of a toxic relationship is real love! Better yet, you relieving your partner from a toxic situation shows that you love them so much that you are willing to let go of them so that they can find true happiness. Yes, it's going to suck, but saving yourself years of heartache and working on yourself so this situation won't repeat is freaking priceless. And for God's sake, really ask questions while you're in the dating stage, so you won't be left with the burden of hefty court fees and years of battling in a nasty divorce. No, I'm not saying that all divorces can be avoided, but some actually can. And if you are married, you should totally seek a Marriage and Family Therapist. They will be able to help guide you.

As I have stated before, toxic relationships aren't worth it! Plot Twist: This can include "friendships". Anyway, that's about all I have for you. Why am I spitting knowledge at 4am? God only knows. I hope you guys have a great day!

Love God! Love yourself! Love others! Love being free of any toxicity! Honey, you deserve better!


B. Ieisha

P.S.: Prayer changes things. Say a little prayer at least once a day, and you may see some changes.


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