Dear Makeup,

Dear Makeup,

I know I gave up on you, but we weren't any good for each other. You helped hide what he did to me! You were supposed enhance my beauty, not help me hide my pain from the world. We were supposed to speak out together, and highlight what he did. Instead you helped me cover up his dirty tracks! You were supposed to make me whole, but we only covered up a hole that was torn into my heart the day I first felt the sting of his strong fist almost make me blackout. Jab! Wham! Pow! Gush! The more he punched the greater the hole became until the debris left behind was a few shreads of cardiac tissue. I have no ability to love any longer! And what for anyway? No one really loves me anyway! He says he does, but how can I tell if he's just hot and cold with me! "I love your natural face and your natural hair!" "Put a weave in that mess and slap some makeup on that mug!" How can I be beautiful, when I'm constantly ugly? "You're the woman of my dreams! I'll never hit you again!" "Woman you make me so angry! You do this to yourself!" How could you help me cover up his dirty tracks? You helped me cover my face and his too! Now no one would believe me if I peeped about him. You helped me lay the foundation, highlight and contour his positive attributes, that I was even fooled by his deceptive charm! "I love you baby, you know that!" "Nobody loves you, but me!" Isolation! He hated me to be around the girls, my co-workers, and even mama. Mama wasn't like you! She removed the mask, and talked directly to my bruised face. Her tears and kisses made my cuts sting. She wiped away all of your phoney. As a matter of fact, he paid you off. You were his little alibi. You made people think it was all good between us! You knew his intentions, and you still allowed me to paint this mask on my face! We are done! No more covering up! WE. ARE. DONE. And so is he!

Best Wishes,

An unsatisfied customer, who found the love within. #selflove #longliveme

P.S.: Go do a Broadway tour or something! You're better than that!

*This is real! It didn't happen directly to me, but I did witness it first-hand with a friend of mine.*


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