Yo, Beauty!

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Hey love muffins! I'm Brittany Ieisha, but you can call Britt. I'm a product of a little mistletoe on Christmas, and boom 9 months and 25 years later, here I am! I'm child #2 of 4, and now I have a bomb niece who is often featured in this blog! Her fashion sense has been impeccable since birth, and girly has been making wardrobe decisions since 3. Enough about her... y'all know aunties have to boast. LOL!

My love for fashion has existed almost as long as I have existed. And child.... SEWING IS LOVE! (I'm trying to graduate from "bae".) I am huge fan of anything artistic: musicals, paintings, museums, recitals, concerts, fashion, etc. If art were a man... oooo boy! I would have married him at age 18! One thing that makes me happier than artsy things, filling a room with joy and laughter. Don't get it twisted, I'm not a people pleaser, I'm a people lover... that's way better! And don't get me started on this Self-Love journey. It was so rough in the beginning, but the Lord came through and touched me, so I love myself so much now.

Okay... OKAY! I'll cut it out.. starting to get wordy. Oh well, you'll find out more when you check out my blog. I promise.

Til next time... Stay positive. Stay focused. Stay beautiful.


B. Ieisha
Beauty Diversified

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